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  Environmental Specialist - Fisheries

Integrated Statistics is looking for an Environmental Specialist to work 
with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National 
Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), which administers NOAA's programs in 
the Northeastern United States to manage living marine resources for 
optimum use. NMFS’s Protected Resources Division (PRD) is dedicated to 
managing, conserving, and rebuilding populations of marine mammals and 
endangered and threatened marine and anadromous species in rivers, bays, 
estuaries, and marine waters of the Northeast. The Environmental 
Specialist will work closely with the Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle 
Program within PRD, which implements conservation programs for 
endangered and protected marine mammals and sea turtles.

The Environmental Specialist assists in the implementation of 
conservation programs to reduce interactions between commercial 
fisheries and the North Atlantic right whale under the Marine Mammal 
Protection Act.  Tasks include assisting in the development and 
implementation of policies and analyses to support the Atlantic Large 
Whale Take Reduction Plan and the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction 
Team. This may also include assisting in the development of analyses 
related to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act.

*    This position is concerned with regulatory and analytical 
processes, and does not involve field research.*

     The specific tasks include:

  * Assisting in the development and implementation of policies and
    regulations under the MMPA's take reduction process, including
    efforts to reduce entanglements of North Atlantic right whales in
    commercial fisheries.
  * Assisting in the preparation of environmental impact statement and
    associated analyses related to reducing protected species bycatch in
    commercial fisheries including developing supporting analyses
    pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, National Environmental
    Policy Act, and other relevant statutes and policies.
  * Conducting analyses and other preparatory work for meetings of Take
    Reduction Teams, and particularly  the Atlantic Large Whale Take
    Reduction Team.
  * As needed, assisting in conducting analyses to support efforts to
    implement Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act.
  * Helping to create mitigation measures associated with emerging
    threats outside of the take reduction process, including consulting
    on the impact of Exempted Fishing Permit projects on protected species.


  * A Bachelor’s or higher degree in marine science, fisheries science,
    environmental management, natural resource management, marine
    policy, ecology, public policy, or a related field of study.
  * A demonstrated understanding of policies, regulations, and processes
    for fisheries and protected species management, particularly those
    related to marine species listed under the Endangered Species Act,
    Marine Mammal Protection Act, Magnuson-Stevens Act and other
    Atlantic Coastal Acts, and environmental analysis under the National
    Environmental Policy Act or other appropriate legislation.
  * At least three years of specialized work experience in marine
    environmental regulatory or policy analysis.
  * Excellent communication skills. A writing sample may be requested.
  * Ability to work independently, and to meet appropriate project
  * US citizenship or green card.
  * Familiarity with R, ArcGIS, and other analytical tools. Familiarity
    with LINUX/UNIX is a plus but not required.

The position is expected to last approximately 18 months. The position 
is eligible for the benefits described on the Integrated Statistics 
website. To apply for this position, go to 
https://jobs.intstats.com/JobDetails.jsp?jobListingId=277 or visit 
www.integratedstatistics.com, click Employment Opportunities, click the 
job name and click the Apply Here link.

Integrated Statistics is an equal opportunity employer and will not 
discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, 
color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, gender 
identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification 
protected by federal, state, or local law. Consistent with its 
obligations under federal law, Integrated Statistics is committed to 
taking affirmative action to employ and advance in employment qualified 
women, minorities, disabled individuals, special disabled veterans, 
veterans of the Vietnam era, and other eligible veterans. For assistance 
with accessibility of applications, posters, forms, and/or documents, 
please email the Integrated Statistics office.

Integrated Statistics, Inc.
16 Sumner Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Cell: (508) 648-8308
Office: (508) 540-8560
Fax: (508) 721-6841

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