[MARMAM] The Sound of Hope film premiere - This Wednesday (3rd) 7pm SAST

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Mon Mar 1 05:18:47 PST 2021

Dear MarMam,

I wanted to pass on details of our film premiere this Wednesday. The film focuses on our bioacoustics research with the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin in South Africa.

The short film – The Sound of Hope - will be live streamed for the first time this Wednesday (3rd March) at 7pm SAST on the Sea Search YouTube channel. After the film, the team will host a live Q and A where they will discuss the project that inspired the film.

The film, produced in collaboration with Homebrew Films, showcases the beauty of the South African coastline and shows how acoustic monitoring is currently being used to help protect endangered dolphin species in our waters.

To tune into the live stream at 7pm SAST (5pm GMT) follow this link >>

It’s expected to be an exciting and interactive event and we look forward to having you tune in!

Many Thanks,


Sasha Dines ​
PhD Candidate
Stellenbosch University, Cape Town // Sea Search Research and Conservation NPO // Core member of The SouSA Consortium

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