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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new article on the
comparative anatomy of the nasal cavity of common and striped dolphins and
the long-finned pilot whale during pre- and postnatal development.

García de los Ríos y Loshuertos A, Soler Laguía M, Arencibia Espinosa A,
López Fernández A, Covelo Figueiredo P, Martínez Gomariz F, Sánchez Collado
C, García Carrillo N, Ramírez Zarzosa G. Comparative Anatomy of the Nasal
Cavity in the Common Dolphin *Delphinus delphis* L., Striped Dolphin *Stenella
coeruleoalba* M. and Pilot Whale *Globicephala melas* T.: A Developmental
Study. Animals 2021, 11(2):441.

The developmental anatomy of the dolphin head has been studied mostly in
single fetuses and few works have been made using a wide range of
specimens. In this study, fetal specimens are the main subjects, but
newborn, juvenile and adult specimens were also used. Our study analyzes
the external nose and nasal cavities during pre- and postnatal development.
The nose and nasal cavities were studied using a high-resolution endoscopy
to analyze changes in the mucosa of fetal specimens, newborns and
juveniles. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was also used in fetuses to
locate and identify significant structures. Computed Tomography (CT)
allowed us to understand the development of the facial bones and the nasal
cavity. The histological samples were compared with a horse, a terrestrial
mammal with a complex nasal anatomy. Dissections and anatomical sections in
two spatial planes were compared with MRI and CT studies. Endoscopy of the
external nose showed interesting morphological changes as only two
different diverticula (air sacs) were observed in the vestibular part and
one recess in the respiratory and olfactory part. We conclude that nasal
cavity development of the striped and common dolphins and the pilot whale
is simpler than in the bottlenose dolphin and the melon is part of the nose
both anatomically and functionally.

Best regards,

The scientific team

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