[MARMAM] Southern right whale offshore sightings South of 40°S

Els Vermeulen els.vermeulen at up.ac.za
Tue Jun 29 01:59:09 PDT 2021

*We are searching for contributions of all readily available information on
southern right whale offshore sightings south of 40°S over the period 1980
– 2020*.

Data requested would ideally include the following:

   - Date
   - Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
   - Number of southern right whales observed
   - Evidence available (photo, video, acoustics, trained observer, …)
   - Behaviour (if known and confirmed)

A key part of IWC-SORP research Theme 6
<http://www.marinemammals.gov.au/sorp/the-right-sentinel-for-climate-change> is
the identification of southern right whale foraging grounds. However,
contemporary data on feeding ground location are sparse and consequently
the identification of areas of importance to the species is difficult.
Therefore, the project-leaders are pursuing a comprehensive desktop study
to collate all available (published and unpublished, dedicated or
opportunistic) data regarding southern right whale offshore sightings South
of 40°S. Such information will be essential to further develop foraging
ground habitat models and select appropriate environmental variables, to
evaluate effects of climatic changes on the species’ foraging success and
ultimately reproductive success.

IP rights of all contributed data will remain with the data owner.

During this initial phase the metadata will only be tabulated. Further data
analyses and processing will not occur without the written consent of the
respective data owners. The final table of collated data will be made
publicly available on the IWC website, unless specifically requested
otherwise by the data owner. If required, data sharing agreements can be
put in place on a case-by-case basis.

To contribute data or for more information, please contact Els Vermeulen (
els.vermeulen at up.ac.za) and Emma Carroll (e.carroll at auckland.ac.nz).

Dr Els Vermeulen - Research Manager
Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Office: Shop 11 Astoria Village, Main Road, Hermanus 7200
Cell: +27 (0)60 9714301


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