[MARMAM] New Publication: Lifetime stability of social traits in bottlenose dolphins

Taylor Evans tcc55 at georgetown.edu
Mon Jun 21 09:54:16 PDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I am pleased to announce our new article in
Communications Biology:

Evans, T., Krzyszczyk, E., Frère, C., & Mann, J. (2021). Lifetime stability
of social traits in bottlenose dolphins. *Communications Biology*, *4*(1),
759. https://doi.org/10.1038/s42003-021-02292-x

Behavioral phenotypic traits or “animal personalities” drive critical
evolutionary processes such as fitness, disease and information spread. Yet
the *stabilit*y of behavioral traits, essential by definition, has rarely
been measured over developmentally significant periods of time, limiting
our understanding of how behavioral stability interacts with ontogeny.
Based on 32 years of social behavioral data for 179 wild bottlenose
dolphins, we show that social traits (associate number, time alone and in
large groups) are stable from infancy to late adulthood. Multivariate
analysis revealed strong relationships between these stable metrics within
individuals, suggesting a complex behavioral syndrome comparable to human
extraversion. Maternal effects (particularly vertical social learning) and
sex-specific reproductive strategies are likely proximate and ultimate
drivers for these patterns. We provide rare empirical evidence to
demonstrate the persistence of social behavioral traits over decades in a
non-human animal.

The full article is freely available at:


Taylor Evans

*Taylor C. Evans **(**she/hers)*
PhD Candidate, Biology
Georgetown University
916 412 4080
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