[MARMAM] New paper on cetacean Gastro-Intestinal tract analysis methodology

Sandro Mazzariol sandro.mazzariol at unipd.it
Tue Jun 22 06:17:48 PDT 2021

Dear all
my co-authors and I are happy to annouce the recent publication of a 
paper summarizing a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the 
gastro-intestinal tract content and walls. Currently procedures used to 
obtain samples from the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) and protocols used 
to perform their respective analyses do not allow a multidisciplinary 
approach of this system. In fact, the investigations applied on the GIT, 
when performed singularly, could impair or limit the other analyses, 
because the currently procedures do not consider the needs of other 
disciplines. This means that the analyses to perform must be selected a 
priori, sacrificing the collection of other types of data and leads to 
the risk of losing important information, especially for wildlife 
species. To solve this conflict, we implement and standardize a new 
methodological approach to the GIT of marine mammals, which allow the 
collection of samples for different disciplines at the same time, 
performing the respective analyses, interpret and compare their results 
in a multidisciplinary way. The compatibility of multiple analyses 
allows the gaining of more information about the cause of death of 
stranded marine mammals and to enhance the knowledge of their biology 
and ecology.

The publication 

Corazzola, G.; Baini, M.; Grattarola, C.; Panti, C.; Marcer, F.; 
Garibaldi, F.; Berio, E.; Mancusi, C.; Galli, M.; Mazzariol, S.; Fossi, 
M.C.; Centelleghe, C.; Casalone, C. Analysis of the Gastro-Intestinal 
Tract of Marine Mammals: A Multidisciplinary Approach with a New 
Multi-Sieves Tool. Animals 2021, 11, 1824. 

can be found and downloaded at the following link 


Sandro Mazzariol

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