[MARMAM] Survey for MSc thesis: effects of anthropogenic structures on marine predators in the North Sea.

Silva Simões Bessa Gomes, Carolina cs939 at exeter.ac.uk
Sun Jun 20 16:24:17 PDT 2021

Hello MARMAM community,

My name is Carolina Gomes and I am currently doing an MSc project at the University of Exeter, UK, to understand the effects of anthropogenic structures on various marine predators (cetaceans, seals, birds) in the North Sea.

An important component of this study is to include a survey of stakeholders (academics, energy sector workers, policy advisors and decision-makers, NGOs) to understand priorities and perceptions of possible ecological impacts from decommissioning activities of offshore structures in the North Sea.

Therefore, I invite you to participate in this study by answering the survey questions using the following link:


I would also be grateful if you could share the survey link with any colleagues you think may be a part of the stakeholder group and would be interested in responding to the survey.

Thank you in advance for participating and being a part of this project.

Best regards,

Carolina Gomes

Email address: cs939 at exeter.ac.uk
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