[MARMAM] Ethical and Legal Considerations for Scientists Collaborating with Whalers

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Mon Jun 21 00:16:40 PDT 2021

Dear MARMAMers,

On behalf of my colleagues, I am pleased to announce the publication of our
paper. Our motivation was to begin addressing the lack of discourse on
ethical and legal issues in whale research. We present the example of
scientists collaborating with Icelandic whalers, but acknowledge that there
are many more ethical and legal issues in our field and the wider field of
biology. We hope that our work may influence policy changes in academic
institutions, professional societies and journals.

Our literature review highlights the need for improved ethical guidelines
for whale research.  A discussion is now needed regarding the ethical and
legal assessments of research methods involving whales, particularly for
early career researchers.  Academic reviewers and editors would benefit
from more explicit guidance that addresses the issues in this article when
assessing manuscripts for journals or abstracts for conferences.


Ryan, C., Papastavrou, V. and Sand, P.H. (2021). Ethical and Legal
Considerations for Scientists Collaborating with Whalers: A Case Study of
International Research Using the Outcome of Contemporary Whaling by
Iceland. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, 24(1): 1-25.

Best wishes,
Conor Ryan
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