[MARMAM] Introductory distance sampling workshop: widening participation applications now being accepted

Eric Rexstad er26 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Thu Jun 10 03:54:42 PDT 2021

The autumn offering of the introductory distance sampling workshop 
offered by CREEM will occur 20 Sept - 01 Oct 2021.  Distance sampling is 
a survey method often employed in the assessment of marine mammal 
populations. Registration for the workshop will open the last week of 
June. Meanwhile, applications are now being accepted for the free place 
at this workshop.  The intention is to widen participation in the 
workshop to practitioners under-represented in the discipline.

Details of the eligibility and application process available at


Enquiries and applications should be sent to me.  Closing date for the 
widening participation applications for the introductory distance 
sampling workshop is *25 June 2021*.

Eric Rexstad
Centre for Ecological and Environmental Modelling
University of St Andrews
St Andrews is a charity registered in Scotland SC013532

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