[MARMAM] Submissions open for Remote Sensing Applied to Marine Species Distribution

Laura González García 1986lauragonzalez at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 04:41:45 PDT 2021

Dear MARMAM colleagues,

As a guest editor of the special issue “*Remote Sensing Applied to Marine
Species Distribution*” of the peer-reviewed and open-access MDPI journal
“Remote Sensing” (Impact Factor 4.509 and Scopus Cite Score 6.6), *I would
like to invite you to submit your work on applied remote sensing to study
temporal and/or spatial distribution of marine organisms*, including, among
others, marine mammals.

Ecological models relating species distribution patterns to environmental
factors play a key role in assessing ecosystem health and biodiversity in a
context of global change. However, estimation of species distribution is
often hindered by the availability of reliable field data, especially in
marine environments. Remote sensing products can provide continuous data on
environmental factors driving the distribution of marine organisms. The
increasing availability of Earth Observation (EO) data provides an
unprecedented opportunity to extend the applicability of ecological models
for both predictive and explanatory purposes, therefore supporting decision
making to implement a more effective planning for management and

The deadline for abstract submission is *15th January 2022*, however I will
really appreciate your feedback showing your interest in the next few weeks
if possible. The special issue will accept both review and research papers.

You can find more information about this special issue here:

Greetings from the Mid-Atlantic, wishing you all a great season at sea,

*Laura González García, PhD.*

Azorean Biodiversity Group, University of the Azores

laura.gonzalez at uac.pt
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