[MARMAM] Cetacean Session #6: You are what you eat - PCBs in North Atlantic Killer Whales

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Thu Jun 3 21:46:14 PDT 2021

In Cetacean Sessions #6 on Thursday, June 10th at 4:00 pm Pacific Time we
will take a closer look at the high PCB levels in different populations of
killer whales in the northern North Atlantic. Anaïs Remili will discuss
results from her paper 'Individual prey specialization drives PCB levels in
Icelandic killer whales' recently published in Environmental Science and
Technology and Clare Andvik will provide an overview of results from her
latest papers 'High levels of legacy and emerging contaminants in killer
whales (Orcinus orca) from Norway, 2015 to 2017' published in Environmental
Toxicology and Chemistry and 'Preying on seals pushes killer whales from
Norway above pollution effects thresholds' published in Scientific Reports.
This is the final Cetacean Session of Season 1 and is focused on the issue
of PCBs in killer whales in honour of Orca month. Presentation and
discussion will be followed by live Q&A with the audience.

Register for the session at

Cetacean Sessions is a bi-weekly webinar series where we discuss impactful
recently published scientific research on cetaceans with those conducting
it around the world. Cetacean Sessions is informal, educational,
interactive and geared towards those working with or interested in
cetaceans. You can register for sessions and follow our channel for free at

Thx. Jared Towers
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