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Dear MARMAM community and marine mammal noise experts,

we have developed a web based, interactive database to make audiogram data, especially of marine mammals and seabirds, more accessible to the public, but especially to serve as a tool and data repository for further research. Currently audiogram data and relevant background information are  reported in heterogeneous formats and are only embedded in individual scientific publications. Furthermore, differences between in-air and underwater hearing capabilities and measurement units have led to confusion especially about conservation issues. This makes it hard to access, compare and integrate audiograms into other research, impact assessments and decision making processes.

Based on a systematic survey of the scientific literature and manual data curation, the Animal Audiogram Database (https://animalaudiograms.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin<https://animalaudiograms.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin/>) assembles audiogram data, metadata about the corresponding experiments, and links to original publications in a consistent format established by community involvement. Focusing currently on vertebrates and underwater environments, the database is drafted as a free resource whose structure and content can be extended collaboratively for audiogram data from any taxonomic group and habitat. We are aiming at establishing this database also as a data repository to serve as a quality check and allow for easy access to this very necessary information. The database now contains 269 underwater audiograms (mostly marine mammals) and 110 in-air audiograms from the published literature. It contains behavioral audiograms and auditory evoked potential research.

We hope you will like our idea! If you would like to support the project of developing the database further collaboratively with regard to both structure and content, based on community input, let us know your comments and suggestions. We would also greatly appreciate being notified of publications and audiogram data which haven’t yet been included in the audiogram database. There is also the need for a quality check of our work from independent researchers to ensure that this effort serves as a useful scientific tool.

We are inviting experts and potential users to a half-day virtual workshop on 25 Jan 2021, 1 – 4:30 PM (Central European Standard Time), in which we will introduce and develop the audiogram database by means of a joint discussion and an online survey, which can be carried out in advance. The workshop will also be an opportunity for us to gather a first feedback from you on the audiogram database.

Please contact us at audiograms at mfn.berlin<mailto:audiograms at mfn.berlin> and let us know until 23 Jan 2021 whether you would be interested in attending the workshop. You will then receive a zoom link to attend and a survey link. If you are interested and if, due to short announcement schedule cannot make it, please also indicate that. We will then give considerations to a repetition of the workshop.

Best regards,

Michael Dähne,

on behalf of the project „Hearing in Penguins<https://www.deutsches-meeresmuseum.de/en/science-research/projects/current-projects/hearing-in-penguins/>” and the especially the audiogram database developers at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin<https://www.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin/de>, Denise Jäckel, Alvaro Ortiz Troncoso<https://www.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin/de/ueber-uns/team/alvaro.ortiz> and Christian Bölling<https://www.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin/de/ueber-uns/team/christian.boelling>

The Animal Audiogram Database was developed as part of the project "Hearing in Penguins" funded by the German Environment Agency<https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/en> (UBA) with means of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety<https://www.bmu.de/en/> (BMU, FKZ3777182440).

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