[MARMAM] Flukebook.org: Release v.2020-12-31

Jason Holmberg jason at wildme.org
Sun Jan 17 21:08:54 PST 2021

We are pleased to announce the Wildbook software release v.2020-12-31,
which is reflected in the Flukebook.org platform for cetacean photo ID.

   - Wildbook DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4443984Related
   - Wildbook Image Analysis (WBIA) DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4390992

Release notes for December 2020

For all Wildbooks

   - Improved loading time of data summary on My Account page.
   - Improved error handling around matching results.
   - Added the ability to remove an annotation.
   - Clarified the remove image option and the impact on related
   - Transitioned all ia.properties files to json to allow for a consistent
   and flexible method of setting species, classes, and subclasses.
   - Added a simplified export based on the OBIS export. For spot mapping
   users, new export indicates if left and/or right side images are available
   per encounter.
   - Update the spot mapping tool to relate the created annotations to
   their mediaAssets.

Flukebook-specific updates

   - New location IDs (study sites) have been added.
   - Orca individual ID machine learning models have been retrained to with
   clarified data.
   - Released a new lightnet detection model for humpback whales with a
   balance of fluke and dorsal annotations.

Related Resources

   - Documentation: https://docs.wildme.org
   - Community support: https://community.wildbook.org

Jason Holmberg (he/him/his)
Executive Director, Wild Me
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