[MARMAM] Physio-logging, a new journal for those studying physiology using bio-logging tools

Andreas Fahlman afahlman at whoi.edu
Sun Feb 21 00:33:31 PST 2021

 <>Dear MarMamers

Human impact, such as climate change, pollution and over fishing, is having a number of effects on marine mammal populations. The physiological capacity of a species will limit their ability to respond and survive. However, physiological function has been difficult to study in wild animals, but physiological biotelemetry and sensing technology has evolved and permits measurement of physiological function in free ranging marine mammals. Sensing technology is developing rapidly and has the potential to revolutionize physiological research. Nano sensors, and wearable medical technologies allow continuous assessment of physiological function over months and years. Such longitudinal data, providing information about physiological function and health, provide a mechanistic basis for adaptation to environmental change and exposure to extreme environments. We therefore announce a new journal called  “Physio-logging” dedicated to physiological studies using bio-logging tools. We encourage submission of manuscripts in these and other areas where sensing technology is used to investigate physiological function in animals and man.

 If you are interested in contributing to this journal, more information can be found at this link: 

https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/physiology/sections/physio-logging <https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/physiology/sections/physio-logging>

Andreas Fahlman, Kagari Aoki, Jeroen Brijs, Ki Chon, Colin Drummond, Martin Føre, Xavier Manteca, Gitte McDonald, Chris McKnight, Jordana Rivero, Yan Roupert-Coudert, Kentaro Sakamoto, Ippei Suziki, Danuta Wisniewska

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