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*EDMAKTUB's Fin Whale Project Research Assistant Program on the coast of 

*2022 Spring Course Openings


EDMAKTUB Association is a non-profit organization studying fin whale 
presence and behaviour, since 2013; and the conditions why fin whales 
come in great number to feed on the coast between Barcelona and 
Tarragona, norteastern Spain. Not only whales but also many other 
species of cetaceans, sea birds, fish and sea turtles visit the area 
from mid-February to mid-June. EDMAKTUB collects information about their 
presence and behavior, as well as biological and oceanographic data.

You can find more information here: 

We are opening possitions for our Spring one week theoretical practical 
fin whale research course.

TRAINING PROGRAM: RESEARCH ASSISTANTS –Graduates, students or people 
wishing to acquire practical experience in the field study of cetaceans 
and oceanographic research.

Number of positions available: 20 | Participating period: 7 days (one 
week to choose from March to May)

https://edmaktub.org/en/7days <https://edmaktub.org/en/7days>

What do you get?

• The chance to participate in all the activities developed by the Fin 
Whale Project during the seven days of the program, especially in daily 
whale monitoring and observation.

• Training and practical experience in the field of cetacean study.

• The opportunity of spending quality time at sea observing cetaceans in 
the rich environment of the coast of Barcelona (Garraf Coast).


-Sightings and Behaviour


-Drones for cetacean research

-Fishermen/Citizen science


-Plankton and Microplastics


-Biological samples and acoustics

More info about the course details and specific subjects to be taught 
during the course in

What do we ask in return?

• To collaborate financially to the project with a donation of €800, 
which also covers your accommodation and food during the seven days of 
the program.

How to apply?

Fill out the form you will find in our website: 

or contact through info at edmaktub.org

Eduard Degollada Bastos DVM PhD
President Associació EDMAKTUB
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