[MARMAM] New publication: North Pacific right whale sightings from IWC-POWER surveys

Jessica Crance - NOAA Federal jessica.crance at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 21 12:16:32 PST 2021


On behalf of my co-authors I'm pleased to announce the publication of our
manuscript detailing recent sightings of the critically endangered eastern
population of North Pacific right whales from the IWC-POWER surveys.

Matsuoka K, Crance JL, Taylor JKD, Yoshimura I, James I, An Y. 2021. North
Pacific right whale sightings in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea
during IWC-Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research (IWC-POWER)
surveys. *Marine
Mammal Science*, DOI: 10.1111/mms.12889

The eastern North Pacific right whale (*Eubalaena japonica*) is one of the
most critically endangered large whale populations (n≈30) in the world.
During three cruises in Alaska waters, sixteen individual right whales were
photographed. Nine of the animals were matched to known individuals; five
of the seven unmatched animals were confirmed new. One right whale was
identified as a juvenile, the first non-adult seen in the Bering Sea since
2004.  Biopsy samples collected from six individuals of previously unknown
sex, including the juvenile, resulted in five males and one female. These
results improve our knowledge on the status of this critically endangered


Pdf available upon request.

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