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Dear friends and colleagues

Me and my colleagues are glad to share with you our recent publication on
the humpback  whale sighted in the Mediterranean Sea in August and November

Violi, B., Verga, A., Jones, L. S., Calogero, G., Soldano, G., Cheeseman,
T., & Wenzel, F. W. (2021).

A wanderer in the Mediterranean Sea: The case of a humpback whale
(Megaptera novaeangliae) from the West Indies. *Aquatic Mammals*, 47(6),
599-611.  https://doi.org/10.1578/AM.47.6.2021.599

The humpback whale is a cosmopolitan species, found in all oceans with
distinct populations. This species is not common within the Mediterranean
Sea and is therefore classified as a ‘*visitor*’ species. Occasionally,
they enter through Gibraltar Strait, even if their occurrence pattern
within the Mediterranean remains unknown. Herein, we document four
exceptional sightings of a female and calf humpback whale within the
Mediterranean Sea in 2020. A photograph of the female fluke has been
compared with the *North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog *and with the
*database. The whale was identified as *NA05503, *first and only
photographed in the north of the Dominican Republic, on February 12th,
1986. Furthermore, we described changes in body condition of the female
between the first and the fourth sighting, showing a progressive emaciated
state. The photographic recapture after 79 days in the North of Western
Mediterranean Sea may reflect a double attempt to “find the way to North
Atlantic” feeding areas and an inability to “find the way back to the
ocean”. Following published and unpublished records to 2020, this is the 45
th reported sighting of humpback whales within the Mediterranean Sea and
the first confirmed record of female and calf pair.

Please contact us if you have any comments or to request a private copy.
violi.biagio at gmail.com

All the best,

*Biagio Violi, PhD *
Postdoc in cetacean research, Department of Earth and Life Sciences, Genoa
E-mail: violi.biagio at gmail.com
Mobile: +39 340 5869904 <+39%20340%20586%209904>

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