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Aloha Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you about the following recent publication from the
University of Hawaii at  Hilo Pack Marine Mammal Laboratory.
Correspondence about this book chapter can be directed to myself at
pack at hawaii.edu.

Wishing you all a healthy, safe, enjoyable and peaceful holiday season.


Pack A. A. (2021).  Dolphin Social Cognition. In: A. B. Kaufman, J. Call &
J. C. Kaufman (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Animal Cognition (pp.
383-414). Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom.

In 2006, Pack and Herman published a seminal article entitled "Dolphin
social cognition: Our current understanding" (Aquatic Mammals, 32,
443-460).  In the current book chapter "Dolphin Social Cognition," Pack
provides a comprehensive updated review of social cognition in dolphins
that covers a broad range of topics including: social memory, vocal
imitation of other dolphins and computer-generated arbitrary sounds, motor
imitation of another dolphin's behavior, imitation of a referenced model's
motor behaviors, jointly coordinated cooperative behavior, social awareness
and attention, initial studies of joint attention in dolphins, the
dolphin's cognitive flexibility in processing variations of pointing and
gaziing cues, comprehension of dynamic-sustained pointing and gazing cues
in test-naive dolphins, testing for the dolphin's understanding of the
geometry of pointing and gazing cues, tests of the dolphins understanding
of the identity of what is being gazed at or pointed to, spontaneous
production of pointing cues by a dolphin and attention to its audience, and
evaluating evidence of "theory of mind" in dolphins.
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