[MARMAM] Monday's Ocean Talks with Dr. Paul Nachtigall

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Fri Apr 30 09:47:54 PDT 2021

*Mondays Ocean Talks*
Interview with Dr. Paul Nachtigall
3rd May, 3 pm (GMT+1) on AIMM YouTube channel

Mondays Ocean Talks are a set of recorded interviews between Joana Castro,
founder of AIMM, and invited guests from all over the world who play an
role within the ocean and marine life.
The Mondays Ocean Talks were launched in February and every two weeks a new
interview is released. Each interview has a duration of appr. one hour and
an informal talk, a sharing of experiences and an exchange of knowledge. The
interviews are completely free to access from AIMM YouTube channel.
and meet an Ocean Researcher!
The next interview will be with Dr. Paul Nachtigall. You can find out more
information about Dr. Paul Nachtigall here :

More info:  info at aimmportugal.org

AIMM Portugal - Ass. Investigacao do Meio Marinho | Marine Environment
Research Association
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*AIMM Portugal* - Ass. Investigação do Meio Marinho | Marine Environment
Research Association

*Website*: www.aimmportugal.org

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