[MARMAM] Call for concept notes launched by the CMS Dugong MOU Secretariat

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Thu Apr 29 03:21:02 PDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The CMS Dugong MoU Secretariat is excited to announce the launch of a new call for concept notes to support community-led activities that address key threats to dugongs and seagrass.

The CMS Dugong MOU to promote internationally coordinated actions to ensure the long-term survival of dugongs and their seagrass habitats throughout their extensive range.

This new initiative will work with selected applicants to develop and fund projects of up to USD 25,000 that aim to improve community-led dugong and seagrass conservation activities through one or more of the following priority approaches: 

  *   Participatory research and primary data collection, including monitoring;
  *   Conservation actions, management frameworks and policies;
  *   Development of business models in support of coastal communities and marine conservation;
  *   Communication tools and awareness raising.

This opportunity is open to non-governmental organizations or governmental agencies in the country of project implementation. Applicants must have existing relationships with local stakeholders, including local communities.

Eligible organizations are invited to submit a concept note using the attached application form by 17 May 2021 with a view to launching the projects in September 2021.

Further details, including eligibility requirements and selection criteria can be found in the attached guidelines. For any questions, contact: seagrass-ecosystems at cms.int<mailto:seagrass-ecosystems at cms.int>

We look forward to your submissions!

Best regards,

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CMS Dugong MOU Secretariat
Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Dugongs and their Habitats throughout their Range (Dugong MOU)
Convention on Migratory Species Office - Abu Dhabi • United Nations Environment Programme
c/o Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi • PO Box 45553 • Abu Dhabi • United Arab Emirates
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