[MARMAM] Summer Course on International Conservation and Policy of Marine Mammals

Jennifer Lewis jlewis33 at masonlive.gmu.edu
Wed Apr 14 16:33:50 PDT 2021

Hello! I am teaching a one time only online class this summer at George 
Mason University that some of you might be interested in. It is called 
International Conservation and Policy of Marine Mammals and will be 
taught online through George Mason University. Anyone (student or 
non-student) can enroll.

Undergraduates and graduate students can get credit (cross listed at GMU 
with Environmental Science and Policy and also Biology).

Topics covered will include:

1. Conservation issues impacting marine mammals globally, with in depth 
focus on all listed as critically endangered and endangered (IUCN Red 
list). Inviting the major players involved now (e.g., Secretariat of the 
International Whaling Commission) to speak about how they are fighting 
to protect.

2.  The laws available per country (and treaties/agreements). With a 
detailed focus on the recent legal battle to change US import fisheries 
and marine mammal takes allowed (Center for Biological Diversity legal 
team that led this effort will join us to share that experience).

3.  Management efforts occurring now for all endangered species 
(bringing in stakeholders to visit the class and discuss these efforts, 
including those leading efforts to save the remaining vaquita, the most 
endangered marine mammal)

4.  We will also study the cultural value of marine mammals according to 
region and how local people could contribute to problem solving (invited 
as speakers).

Class will run from May 26-June 26 on Wed afternoons, all day Thursdays 
and all day Fridays. But will be recorded if need more flexibility. This 
will be entirely online.

To take this class you must fill out an application at the George Mason 
University Global Ed site and then select if you would like credit as a 
graduate or undergrad and then under which 

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Lewis for more information. Applications 
must be received by May 1. (jlewis33 at gmu.edu)

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