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Dear MARMAM list,

My coauthor, Christian Barrientos, and I are happy to share with you our paper, just published in the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, which presents new evidence for the continued occurrence of whaling for humpback whales off the coast of Annobón, Equatorial Guinea, in West Africa into the 21st century. The paper can be downloaded from this open-access journal here:


The paper's abstract is as follows:
A regular, though infrequent, artisanal whaling operation targeting humpback whales has been known to occur from the West African island of Annobón, Equatorial Guinea, since the late 18th century. Little has been known outside of Equatorial Guinea about this whaling operation since the mid-1970s. This paper presents a brief history of Annobonés whaling, describes recently surfaced evidence of its continuation as recently as 2017 and considers the future of the operation.

I would be happy to discuss our findings further with anyone who has an interest.

Russell Fielding


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