[MARMAM] Flukebook.org: Release v.2021-03-30

Jason Holmberg jason at wildme.org
Thu Apr 8 18:31:35 PDT 2021

We are pleased to announce the Wildbook software release v.2021-03-30,
which is reflected in the Flukebook.org platform for cetacean photo ID.

 - Wildbook DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4673641
 - Wildbook Image Analysis (WBIA) DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4477622

Release notes for February and March 2021

**Flukebook New Features**

- New location IDs (study sites) have been added.
- New species have been added for dorsal matching with finFindR and
CurvRank v2, including spinner dolphin.
 - CurvRank v2 machine learning was retrained with 5000 hand-traced,
multi-species dorsal fins and redeployed, significantly improving
matchability across species using dorsal ID (e.g., bottlenose dolphins,
orcas, humpback whales, and more).
-PIE machine learning-based matching of gray whale lateral images was added.

**Bug Fixes***

- WB-1545 Admins no longer locked out of editing individual names.
- WB-1489 Collaboration security has a directional dependence and needs to
be bi-directional.
- WB-1476 Bulk import morphed up the parsed import table.
- WB-1440 Identification of a bulk import no longer compiles all results
into in iaResults page, allowing for per-Encounter batching of ID jobs for
bulk import.
- WB-1439 Labeled keywords can only be edited in an edit collaboration.
- WB-1264 iaResult.jsp security tightened
- WB-712 Restrict individual name editing to edit collaborations.

For an overview of Flukebook's multi-species, multi-modal machine learning
for photo ID, please see:


Community support for Wildbook is provided at:


Jason Holmberg (he/him/his)

Executive Director, Wild Me <https://wildme.org/>

A.I. and humans combating extinction together.
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