[MARMAM] Live distance sampling training workshop, online from Univ St Andrews, 09-20 November 2020. Registration Open.

Eric Rexstad er26 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Sep 30 04:49:11 PDT 2020

*Interactive introductory distance sampling training*

Distance sampling is a recognised technique for conducting population 
assessment of marine mammal populations.  Understanding the principles 
underlying survey design, field protocols for data collect and 
analytical methods are fundamental to understanding of marine mammal 
populations.  We are happy to announce an offering of this workshop for 
remote participants.

We are offering the training workshop in 10 two-hour blocks in 
November.  You will be invited to interact in short lectures on distance 
sampling principles.  Exercises analysing data sets in R will reinforce 
those principles and the lecturer will be available to assist during the 
practical session via screen sharing.  The block will conclude with a 
summary of the exercise and question/answer session for both lecture and 
exercise.   You can participate in polls during the workshop to assess 
your comprehension of topics discussed.

The workshop will be delivered using Zoom web conferencing software 
along with R-Studio "in the cloud". You will need (free) accounts for 
both pieces of software. I encourage you to experiment with Zoom (at 
https://zoom.us) and https://rstudio.cloud before the course begins.   
There will be an internet connection testing session prior to the first 
meeting on 09 November.

Companion online training workshops

We are planning an additional advanced distance sampling workshops in 
January and March 2021.  These workshops will require knowledge of basic 
distance sampling principles derived from this introductory training 

Important details

/Workshop dates and time:/ *09-20 November 2020*, 1500-1700 Greenwich 
Mean Time. For the time of day in your zone, follow this link 

/Registration deadline:/ *23 October 2020*
/Enrolment limit:/ 15
/Cost:/ 215 British pounds
/What is included:/ Lectures, exercises, code, data all available online

What they are saying

I would like to say I really liked RStudio Cloud and it is working just 
fine and I am really enjoying using it as a student. I'm looking forward 
to using it as an instructor too. I really liked the first half of the 
course. I love distance sampling and I am enjoying every second of the 
course! The only thing I can say about this particular workshop is it 
deserves more time. -- Kaan Özgencil, PhD student, Department of 
Biological Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Further details are available at:


At this page you will find a link to the St Andrews online shop where 
payment is made.  After payment is made, I will contact you with 
additional details regarding workshop electronic materials, etc. Feel 
free to contact me with questions.

Information regarding all distance sampling workshops can be found at


Eric Rexstad
Centre for Ecological and Environmental Modelling
University of St Andrews
St Andrews is a charity registered in Scotland SC013532

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