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*OneNOAA Science Seminar Series
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*Title: Right Whales and Shipping: Using Corporate Responsibility to
protect right whales from ship strike*

*Speaker: David Wiley, Research Coordinator and Michael Thompson,
Geographer; NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Stellwagen
Bank National Marine Sanctuary*

*Sponsor(s): *NOAA's National Ocean Service Science Seminar Series;
coordinators for this seminar are Tracy.GIll at noaa.gov

*When: Wednesday, *September 30, 12-1pm EDT

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*Abstract: *Lethal injury from collisions with large vessels is a
major problem inhibiting the recovery of critically endangered North
Atlantic right whales.  To aid recovery the US National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration promulgated the Right Whale Ship Strike
Reduction Rule, which created Seasonal Management Areas
(SMAs)requiring large ships slowing to 10 knots or less in specific
time/areas. To encourage compliance with the two SMAs that overlap the
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the sanctuary and NMFS
initiated a corporate responsibility project.  The concept of
corporate responsibility involves companies increasing their
commitment to behaviors that benefit society, such as slowing to
safeguard right whales, and acknowledging positive corporate behavior.
Since 2015, we have used the US Coast Guard’s automatic Identification
system (AIS) to track vessels through the two SMAs. We used these data
to grade ships based on the percent SMA distance traveled at compliant
speeds as follows:

A+: 99 - 100% compliance and mean speed =<10 kts;
A: 90-98.9% compliance or mean speed =<10 kts. & meanspeed least
compliant transit =< 10kts;
B: 80-89.9% compliance or mean speed =<10 kts. & meanspeed least
compliant transit <10.5 kts;
C: 70-79.9% compliance or mean speed 10 -10.5 kts. & meanspeed least
compliant transit 10.5-11 kts;
D: 60-69.9% compliance or mean speed >10.5 kts. & meanspeed least
compliant transit >11 kts;
F: <60% compliance or mean speed >11 kts. & mean speedleast compliant
transit >11.5 kts.

Report cards were sent to each ship and to the companies using the
ships, with addresses provided by the US Coast Guard. Ships and
companies receiving A+ or A grades were sent a certificate
acknowledging their positive behavior. In 2015 72% (146/203) of ships
received certificates. In 2019 86% (118/145) of the companies and 85%
(175/211) of the ships received certificates. Reaction from specific
companies will be provided. This project is now used as a model for
similar programs in west coast sanctuaries and around the world.

*Bio(s): *David Wiley and Michael Thompson team to investigate living
marine resources in NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.
Their work ranges from using biotelemetry to investigate the
underwater behavior of large whales and the habitat use of seabirds to
the ecosystem function of forage fish and climate change impacts to
the sanctuary. The report card method they developed to track shipping
compliance received the Society for Marine Mammalogy’s award for
Excellence in Scientific Communication.

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