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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce following two publications on Black Sea 
cetaceans in Bulgarian waters:

Popov D, Meshkova G, Hristova P, Gradev G, Rusev D, Panayotova M, 
Dimitrov H (2020). Pingers as cetacean bycatch mitigation measure in 
Bulgarian turbot fishery. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica, Suppl. 15. Available 
at: http://www.acta-zoologica-bulgarica.eu/Suppl_15_42.pdf


Bycatch(incidental catch) of small cetaceans is a major problem ina 
number of gillnet fisheries around the Worldand Harbour porpoise 
(/Phocoena phocoena/) is one of the most heavily affected 
species.Pingers (acoustic deterrentdevices) are recommended as 
mitigation measure to decrease bycatch rate. First large-scale use of 
pingers (Future Oceans 10 kHz and 70 kHz models) was made during 
standard turbot fishing operations in Bulgarian waters of Black Sea in 
2019 during spring and summer – respectively before and after turbot 
fishing ban (15 April – 15 June). Four vessels have been involved with 
part of the nets being without pingers – control and other parts fitted 
with pingers – active. A total of 105 cetaceans (/Phocoena phocoena 
relicta/– 104 and /Tursiops truncatus ponticus/ – 1) were recorded as 
bycatch in both control and active nets in spring and summer. Bycatch 
rates in active and control nets have not shown significant difference 
in both seasons. Significant increase in bycatch was registered in both 
active and control nets from spring to summer: 3.25 to 38.76 and 1.55 to 
58.58 ind.km^-2 .day^-1 respectively.

Key words – /Phocoena//phocoena relicta/, cetacean bycatch, pingers, 
turbot fishery, Black Sea

Popov D, Meshkova G, Hristova P, Miteva A, Ilieva T,Dimitrov H (2020). 
Pilot Line-transect Surveys of Cetaceans in a Bulgarian Marine Protected 
Area: BG0001007 Strandzha Site of Community Importance. Acta zoologica 
Bulgarica, Suppl. 15. Available at: 


Three cetacean species inhabit the Black Sea: Black Sea Harbour porpoise 
(/Phocoena//phocoena relicta/), Black Sea Bottlenose dolphin 
(/Tursiops//truncatus ponticus/) and Black Sea Common dolphin 
(/Delphinus//delphis ponticus/). The paper presents the first effort for 
estimation of cetacean distribution, density and abundance in marine 
area of BG0001007 Strandzha SCI. Two line transect distance sampling 
surveys were made in April and May 2016 using a motor sailing yacht as 
platform. In May all three Black Sea cetacean species have been 
observed, while in April only Harbour porpoise and Bottlenose dolphin 
have been detected. In both surveys most abundant was found to be the 
Black Sea Harbour porpoise allowing estimation of density (0.871 
ind.km^-2 in April and 0.369in May)and abundance (April – 328, CV=33.8% 
and May – 139, CV=50%). Abundance and density of dolphins were: 275 
(106-714, CV=41.8%) and 0.73 in April and 40 (9-171, CV=56.09%) and 
0.107 in May for Bottlenose dolphin; 24 (5-108, CV=58.72%) and 0.063 in 
May for Common dolphin. Encounter rates (sightings per kilometer of 
effort) during the surveys were as follows: Harbour porpoise - 0.25 in 
April and 0.14 in May; Bottlenose dolphin – 0.1 in April and 0.02 in 
May; Common dolphin – 0.02 in May.

Key words – Black Sea cetaceans, /Phocoena//phocoena relicta/, 
/Delphinus//delphis ponticus/, /Tursiops//truncatus ponticus/, 
distance-sampling, abundance.

Best regards,

D. Popov et al.


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