[MARMAM] Humpbacks in Mediterranean

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Dear colleagues
This mail is to advertise you about the unexpected sighting of two humpback
whales, a mum and a calf, in Ligurian Sea in front of Genoa (Italy) on
26th August. Sightings and photos have been taken by Liguria Whale Watching
and shared with us. Thanks to a big and fruitful effort with
several colleagues working in Atlantic Ocean, it was possible to find a
match. The adult was sighted for the first time (and as far as we know)
only in Dominic Republic on 1986. Everyone is so excited about this finding
but at the same time we all hope for the best for these whales. In this
framework, if some of you had the chance to sight these whales it would be
great to let us know, so that we can build a network and keep tracking
their movements. Furthermore, if someone else working in Atlantic Ocean,
with a humpback catalogue wanted to give a check to find a match, both
negative and positive matching are welcome to us. We aim to build a clearer
picture of these whale movements. Attached is the photo of the matching.

For every kind of question and feedback don't hesitate to contact us (
arcimenkab at gmail.com - violi.biagio at gmail.com).

All the best,
Biagio Violi and Alessandro Verga
Menkab and Liguria Whale Watching teams


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