[MARMAM] African Bioacoustics Community Conference 2-5 November: Registration reminder

African Bioacoustics Community africanbioacoustics at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 08:10:17 PDT 2020

Dear MARMAM Community,

Register now for the African Bioacoustics Community Conference, 2 – 5
November 2020!

We have an amazing line-up of presenters from all over the world, over 25
of which focusing on marine mammal bioacoustics! Presentations cover topics
such as machine learning, passive acoustic monitoring, the effect of
seismic surveys, ecoacoustics and so much more! If that is not enough, come
and watch the plenary talks by esteemed bioacousticians, with topics from
marine bird hearing in air and underwater to the importance of sound to
fishes, to long-term marine mammal researchand everything in between! And
remember, all talks will be available to registered participants for a
whole month after the conference, so if you don’t get round to watching
everything during the conference, you can come back and watch (or rewatch!)
them at your convenience later!

The 2nd African Bioacoustics Community Conference will also be hosting an
Online Movie Event throughout the conference to highlight bioacoustic
science to both registered and non-registered participants!

Whether you are a professional with years of experience or an amateur with
a few funny videos of your study species, we want it all!

Submitted content will fall under two broad categories:

1. Feature Films

2. Behind the Scenes and Unusual Observations.

To register now, visit our website:

Contact us for more information or to make your film submissions:
africanbioacoustics at gmail.com

We look forward to having you there!!

Please circulate to your labs and contacts who might be interested in

Kind regards,
The African Bioacoustics Community

Visit our website: https://africanbioacoustic.wixsite.com/abcommunity
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