[MARMAM] Migratory insights from singing humpback whales recorded around central New Zealand - new publication

Victoria Warren vwar775 at aucklanduni.ac.nz
Wed Nov 18 13:56:06 PST 2020

Dear colleagues,

My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the publication of the
following article:

Migratory insights from singing humpback whales recorded around central New
Victoria E. Warren, Rochelle Constantine, Michael Noad, Claire Garrigue and
Ellen C. Garland. Royal Society Open Science, 2020, Vol 7: 201084; doi:

The migration routes of wide-ranging species can be difficult to study,
particularly at sea. In the western South Pacific, migratory routes of
humpback whales between breeding and feeding areas are unclear. Male
humpback whales sing a population-specific song, which can be used to match
singers on migration to a breeding population. To investigate migratory
routes and breeding area connections, passive acoustic recorders were
deployed in the central New Zealand migratory corridor (2016); recorded
humpback whale song was compared to song from the closest breeding
populations of East Australia and New Caledonia (2015-2017). Singing
northbound whales migrated past New Zealand from June to August via the
east coast of the South Island and Cook Strait. Few song detections were
made along the east coast of the North Island. New Zealand song matched New
Caledonia song, suggesting a migratory destination, but connectivity to
East Australia could not be ruled out. Two song types were present in New
Zealand, illustrating the potential for easterly song transmission from
East Australia to New Caledonia in this shared migratory corridor. This
study enhances our understanding of western South Pacific humpback whale
breeding population connectivity, and provides novel insights into the
dynamic transmission of song culture.

The open-access article can be downloaded from

You are very welcome to contact me via email (vwar775 at aucklanduni.ac.nz) if
you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Victoria Warren

Victoria Warren

PhD Candidate, University of Auckland

NIWA, 301 Evans Bay Parade, Greta Point, Wellington, New Zealand
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