[MARMAM] New publication - Use of recurrence plots for identification and extraction of patterns in humpback whale song recordings

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Mon Nov 16 12:59:17 PST 2020

Dear MARMAM members,
In the name of my co-authors and myself, I am please to share our new publication regarding humpback whale song, published online for Bioacoustics:
 F. Malige , D. Djokic , J. Patris , R. Sousa-Lima & H. Glotin (2020): Use of recurrence plots for identification and extraction of patterns in humpback whale song recordings, Bioacoustics, DOI: 10.1080/09524622.2020.1845240 

ABSTRACT Humpback whale song is comprised of well-structured distinctlevels of organisation: combinations of sounds, repetition ofcombinations, and a sequence of repetitions, which have noclear silent intervals. This continuous sound output can behard to delimit, rather, it could be interpreted as a long seriesof states of a system. Recurrence plots are graphical representations of such series of states and have been used to describeanimal behaviour previously. Here, we aim to apply this tool tovisualise and recognise structures traditionally used in inferences about behaviour (songs and themes) in the series ofunits manually extracted from recordings of humpback whales.Data from the Abrolhos bank, Brazil were subjected to theseanalyses. Our analytical tool has proven efficient in identifyingthemes and songs from continuous recordings avoiding someof the human perception bias and caveats. Furthermore, oursong extraction is robust to errors coming from both manualand automated transcriptions, constructing a level of description largely independent of the first stage of analysis.
If you would like a copy of the paper, or have any questions about the work, please feel free to contact me or the paper's first author!

Divna DjokicPhD candidate at Laboratory of Bioacoustics (LaB)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Brazilhttps://www.lab.bio.br/
Skype: divna.djthedivna at gmail.com

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