[MARMAM] New American Cetacean Society publication- Breaking the Surface: women of cetology

Sabena Siddiqui siddiqui at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 13 07:01:28 PST 2020

The American Cetacean Society (ACS) is excited to announce the issue of our
Whalewatcher publication: “Breaking the Surface: women of cetology”!
This is the first publication ever to center on women in cetology. The
special edition includes articles written by highly acclaimed cetacean
scientists detailing their trials, triumphs, and incredible adventures
throughout their careers studying the lives of cetaceans. Authors have also
provided advice for students pursuing careers in this field. This
collection of articles highlight contemporary scientists who are defining
the field today while also delving into the history of early pioneer women
scientists whose work was foundational for cetacean science. The
publication aims to inspire the next generation of scientists, naturalists,
and conservationists while enlightening readers on how far women have come
in the field and discussing the path forward.

Featured articles are written by Jo Marie Acebes, Lisa Balance, Denise
Herzing, Ellen Hines, Christina Lockyer, Janet Mann, Lori Marino, Yoko
Mitani, Sally Mizroch, Sofie Van Parijs, Louisa Ponnampalam,  Naomi Rose,
Mridula Srinivasan, Alisa Schulman-Janiger, Kate Stafford, Alison Stimpert,
Barbara Taylor, a historical piece by Uko Gorter, and a forward by lead
editor Sabena Siddiqui.

The Whalewatcher is ACS's premium publication and an exclusive benefit of
paid annual membership, however, we are happy to announce that this
special edition is now free to view and download on our website
It is our hope that people of all backgrounds are able to benefit from
reading these incredible stories.

Hardcopies are reserved for ACS members only. To receive your copy in the
mail become a member today here https://www.acsonline.org/join-renew-give

Email us at acsoffice at acsonline.org for inquiries.

Sabena Siddiqui
MSc student University of Hawaii
Student Chair, American Cetacean Society Board of Directors
*"P**rotecting whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through
public education, research grants, and conservation actions.*"
ACS Student Coalition website  <https://www.acsonline.org/students>
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