[MARMAM] New publication - Detection of Brucella ceti in Two Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises Stranded in Hong Kong

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Sun Nov 8 01:22:18 PST 2020

Dear colleagues, 

Myself and my co authors are please to announce a new publication
arising from our research on stranded Indo-Pacific finless porpoises
in Hong Kong. 

Nathalie F. Mauroo, Rosana W. S. Poon, Philip S. L. Beh, Patrick C. Y.
Woo; Detection of _Brucella ceti_ in Two Indo-Pacific Finless
Porpoises (_Neophocaena Phocaenoides_) Stranded in Hong Kong. _J Wildl
Dis_ 1 July 2020; 56 (3): 698-701. doi:


_Brucella ceti_ has been detected in several species of free-ranging
odontocetes, in several geographic areas but it has not been reported
in Indo-Pacific finless porpoises (_Neophocaena phocaenoides_) nor in
any odontocetes in waters in the South China Sea. Sampling of
odontocetes stranded in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,
People's Republic of China, was carried out as part of a stranding
monitoring program to evaluate the pathogens harbored by these
threatened species. A real-time PCR method targeting the _Brucella_
genus-specific 31kDa _Brucella_ cell surface salt extractable
(_bcsp31_) gene, gene sequencing, and phylogenetic characterisation
produced three PCR products of the expected size and sequence, from
two stranded Indo-Pacific finless porpoises. The PCR products were
obtained from brain tissue from of a neonate and from mammary fluid
from a sexually mature female. Further testing for this pathogen
should be performed to determine whether _Brucella ceti_ might have a
detrimental effect on reproduction and calf survival in Indo-Pacific
finless porpoises and pose a threat to the conservation of this
species. The importance of biosafety and biosecurity measures when
handling cetaceans or their tissues and products in the South China
Sea is also highlighted. 
Best wishes, 


Dr Nathalie Mauroo, DVM, PhD, CertZooMed,MRCVS
 nmauroo at hkwhf.org.hk 

 Hong Kong Wildlife Health Foundation
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