[MARMAM] 2020 DOSITS Underwater Acoustics Webinar Series: Future webinars and other reminders

Holly Morin holly_morin at uri.edu
Mon Nov 2 12:19:00 PST 2020

***apologies for cross-postings***

The 2020 *Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) <http://www.dosits.org>*
webinar series on underwater acoustics has been a great success. Over 350
participants from 24 countries participated in the October 22, 2020,
webinar on passive acoustics data and the decision making process. If you
missed this webinar, which covered passive acoustic monitoring and how data
gathered can inform the decision making process, especially with regards to
marine mammals, a webinar archive is now available and can be found here
A PDF of Dr. Henderson's presentation, as well as a Q&A summary is also
available for download.

Other critical DOSITS Webinar Series information (please read):

   - There is one webinar left in the 2020 series. On *Thursday, November
   19, 2020, at 4pm ET* (note the time change), Klaus Lucke will present on
   the U.S. regulatory approach to underwater noise compared to that of the
   E.U. and other locations. Individuals *must be registered* to
   participate in this webinar. If you have not registered for the 2020 DOSITS
   webinar series, please go here
   All webinars are *hosted using Zoom*. Webinar testing and
   troubleshooting tips can be found here
   Although Zoom is the preferred mode of connection, if participants are
   unable to use this platform, a YouTube link will be provided. *Zoom and
   YouTube links will only be shared with registered participant*s (webinar
   correspondence will come from webinar at dosits.net-please check spam/junk
   mail folders if necessary).
   - *All webinars will be recorded and archived on the DOSITS website* (
   DOSITS Webinars <https://dosits.org/decision-makers/webinar-series/>).
   - A *certificate of professional development* is being offered in
   association with this webinar series. To receive this certificate,
   individuals *must participate in all four DOSITS webinars *(live
   participation and/or archive review), *AND* complete the *post-webinar
   surveys* unique to each program. Each webinar post-survey has a unique
   - It is time to begin planning the DOSITS 2021 and 2022 webinar
   programs. The DOSITS Team is asking the broad underwater acoustics
   community to *provide input on future DOSITS webinar topics* by taking a
   brief Webinar Topic Survey <https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/marmamFBF9CGP>.
   No identifying personal information will be collected. Aggregate survey
   results will be used for evaluation purposes and may appear in
   publications, presented at professional meetings, and presented online.

Questions? Please contact Holly Morin (holly_morin at uri.edu).
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