[MARMAM] ONLINE COURSE - Model-based multivariate analysis of abundance data using R (MBMV03) This course will be delivered live

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ONLINE COURSE Model-based multivariate analysis of abundance data
using R (MBMV03) This course will be delivered live

We have a repeat of a great course delivered by David Warton on
abundance/presence/absence data. This course is great for people
working with marine mammal data which may often have large gaps in
mammal sightings or consist of only a few data points.

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Course Overview:
This course will provide an introduction to modern multivariate
techniques, with a special focus on the analysis of abundance or
presence/absence data. Multivariate analysis in ecology has been
changing rapidly in recent years, with a focus now on formulating a
statistical model to capture key properties of the observed data,
rather than transformation of data using a dissimilarity-based
framework. In recent years, model-based techniques have been developed
for hypothesis testing, identifying indicator species, ordination,
clustering, predictive modelling, and use of species traits as
predictors to explain interspecific variation in environmental
response.  These techniques are more interpretable than alternatives,
have better statistical properties, and can be used to address new
problems, such as the prediction of a species’ spatial distribution
from its traits alone.

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Oliver Hooker PhD.
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2020 publications;
Parallelism in eco-morphology and gene expression despite variable
evolutionary and genomic backgrounds in a Holarctic fish. PLOS


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