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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I am pleased to announce the publication of our
new paper in Deep-Sea Research Part I:

Amorim TOS, Rendell L, Di Tullio J, Secchi ER, Castro FR, Andriolo A.
2020. Coda repertoire and vocal clans of sperm whales in the western
Atlantic Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part I, 160, 103254.

Sperm whales live in culture-based multilevel societies in which the
fundamental social level is the nearly permanent social unit of females and
immature individuals, and the largest level is the clan constituted by
social units that share a common coda repertoire. This study describes the
coda repertoire and vocal clans of sperm whales in Brazilian waters
recorded between 2011 and 2016. Inter-click intervals of codas were used to
quantify similarity between repertoires. The analysis showed two evident
clans, in the north and the south, distinct in their repertoires. The clan
of the north, termed the “5R” clan, presented a predominant production of
codas containing five regularly spaced clicks, not found in the clan of the
south, termed “D” clan, which repertoire was dominated by long codas with
10–13 clicks with descending inter-click intervals. Codas with five
regularly spaced clicks with the same rhythm and tempo as those found in
the “5R” clan of Brazil are also predominant in sperm whales recorded in
the Island of Dominica, at a distance of approximately 2700 km from the
north of Brazil, which corresponds to the extension of the areas of
sympatric clans. The sharing of 5R type by the both distinct clans is
likely the result of cultural transmission in which conformism through
social learning homogenizes coda repertoire. The results of this study
corroborated the hypothesis that social boundaries, here the clan level,
are maintained by cultural identities.

Available at:
Alternatively, please feel free to email me to get a PDF copy.

Thiago Amorim
Laboratory of Behavioral Ecology and Bioacoustics - LABEC
Postdoctoral fellow at Graduate Program in Biological Sciences (Zoology):
Animal Behavior and Biology - UFJF
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