[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Observers Needed for Falkland Islands

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Wed May 20 08:59:06 PDT 2020

*Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) for Falkland Islands*

MMOs will be deployed on bottom trawl vessels in the Falkland Islands
Loligo squid fishery.  They will be fishing in the Southwest Atlantic.  The
main role of the MMO on each vessel will be to conduct observations to
estimate seal abundance per species and describe seal-fishing gear
interactions. Additionally, MMO duties will include sampling Loligo catches
on a daily basis for biometrics, monitoring the performance of bird scaring
lines (BSL), documenting seabird mortality, and weighing and measuring
samples of juvenile toothfish.  Work will begin approximately mid July 2020
in the Falkland Islands.  There will be two seasons of 68 days each (64
continuous days at sea for each season). The second season will be in
February 2021.  Additional cruises in the following years may be an
option.  Although 64 continuous days at sea are expected during each
season, short transshipment port calls may occur.


·         Monitor at least three trawls per day (i.e., shooting and
hauling) and record seal abundance, their

interactions with fishing gear, live escapees, live releases and incidental

·         Real-time reporting of seal bycatch.  Carcass sampling or
measurement and marking

·         Complete two excel data sheet forms on a daily basis and send the
files to the client three times per week (laptop computer and internet will
be provided onboard the vessel)

·         Record details from fishing activity: shoot, turn, and haul times
and positions, commercial catch and

bycatch (provided by the vessel/logbook)

·         Monitor Seal Exclusions Devices (SED) and BSL type and
maintenance, net cleaning and discard management

·         Daily monitor and record seabird interactions with fishing gear
during seal observations

·         Record seabird mortalities and reveal their possible causes;
collect and preserve all carcasses if


·         Daily measure 100 Loligo specimens and weigh the entire squid

·         Daily weigh all identifiable toothfish bycatch and measure total
length of an accumulated number of

100 specimens per week


·         University degree, minimum a BSc in Biology/Marine
Sciences/Fisheries or a related field

·         A minimum of 100 days of MMO experience at sea

·         High level of written and spoken English

·         Medium level of Spanish language. Conversational Spanish is
accepted. Non-native speakers should provide proof of studies.

·         Valid ENG1 or an equivalent that is of an IMO (International
Maritime Organisation) standard

·         Valid STCW sea survival certificate. BOSIET certificate is also

·         Valid passport and the ability to travel overseas

·         The ability to pass a medical physical and spend at least 64
continuous days at sea

·         Be open to diverse food options served at sea

·         You can commit to 68 days of continuous work beginning on or
around 27 July 2020

·         Provide your own raingear, boots, gloves and personal items for

·         Provide your own cell phone with international calling plan and

Please send your resume and cover letter as soon as possible to
amy at azuraco.com.  In your resume, please describe how you meet all of the
requirements listed above and list contact information for three references
who can attest to your previous work experience.  In your cover letter,
please describe why you would be a good fit for this job, any work/travel
overseas, and your work on boats as an MMO.  If you have questions, please
email them to amy at azuraco.com.

If you do not meet ALL of the requirements, please do not apply.
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