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Dear MARMAM recipients,
We are happy to announce our new publication:
Zhong, Castellote, Dodhia, Lavista Ferres, Keogh, Brewer. 2020. Beluga
whale acoustic signal classification using deep learning neural network
models. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 147(3): 1834-1841.

ABSTRACT: Over a decade after the Cook Inlet beluga (Delphinapterus leucas)
was listed as endangered in 2008, the population has shown no sign of
recovery. Lack of ecological knowledge limits the understanding of, and
ability to manage, potential threats impeding recovery of this declining
population. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, in
partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, initiated a
passive acoustics monitoring program in 2017 to investigate beluga seasonal
occurrence by deploying a series of passive acoustic moorings. Data have
been processed with semi-automated tonal detectors followed by time
intensive manual validation. To reduce this labor intensive and
time-consuming process, in addition to increasing the accuracy of
classification results, the authors constructed an ensembled deep learning
convolutional neural network model to classify beluga detections as true or
false. Using a 0.5 threshold, the final model achieves 96.57% precision and
92.26% recall on testing dataset. This methodology proves to be successful
at classifying beluga signals, and the framework can be easily generalized
to other acoustic classification problems.

Please contact me for a pdf copy if needed.

And our Github repo for our Python scripts:

Manuel Castellote

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