[MARMAM] Space Still Available!: Marine Animal Bioacoustics Course at Friday Harbor Labs - Summer 2020

Erica Escajeda escajeda at uw.edu
Thu Mar 12 08:52:31 PDT 2020

Space is still available for a very exciting class happening this summer at
the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratories
<https://fhl.uw.edu/> on beautiful San Juan Island, WA, USA:

*Marine Animal Bioacoustics*
June 15-July 17, 2020
Five-week course designed to provide students with a broad understanding of
the acoustic tools and techniques necessary for investigating the
bioacoustics (sound production and reception), communication and behavior
of marine animals, with an emphasis on local marine mammals and fishes
found in the waters of the San Juan Islands, WA.

The course consists of a combination of lectures and discussions; hands-on
laboratory training, including building a hydrophone to use for student
projects; lab exercises and student-led projects, and one-on-one
interactions with course faculty from diverse research perspectives of
biology, psychology, and physics.

Students will be introduced to both fundamental and contemporary theories
of underwater acoustics (including theory and application of pressure and
particle motion in acoustical waves, and Fourier Analysis). They will
become familiar with modern techniques in bioacoustic recordings and
analysis that include tank-based and field-based acoustical measurements.

The course is open to advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

*Course Instructors:*

   - Dr. Joseph Sisneros
   <http://faculty.washington.edu/sisneros/sisneros.htm>, University of
   Washington, Department of Psychology
   - Dr. Timothy Tricas <http://www.hawaii.edu/fishlab/>, University of
   Hawaii, Department of Biology
   - Dr. Lane Seeley
   Seattle Pacific University, Department of Physics

*Full course description: *

*For more information and to apply, visit: *

*Financial Aid & Scholarships:*

*Applications are still being accepted at this time! *
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