[MARMAM] Cetacean Research Micro-Internship Greece Summer 2020

Κimonas Koemtzopoulos k.koemtzopoulos at mom.gr
Tue Mar 10 01:12:26 PDT 2020

Dear All,

On behalf of MOm/ Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk
Seal I am pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications
for our summer 2019 research season of the Northern Aegean Dolphin Project.

The project takes place in the pristine National Marine Park of Alonissos,
Northern Sporades and focuses on the photo-identification and behavioural
data collection for the populations of Striped Dolphins (*Stenella
coeruleoalba*), Common Dolphins (*Delphinus delphis*) and Bottlenose
Dolphins (*Tursiops truncatus*) regularly found in the area as well as the
occasional encounter with Cuvier’s Beaked Whales (*Ziphius cavirostris*)
and Risso’s Dolphins (*Grampus griseus*).

*Location*: National Marine Park of Alonissos, Northern Sporades -
Alonissos, Greece

*Dates*:  8 June – 1 September 2020

*Duration*: Minimum 1 Week

*You will*:

-          Receive Training and Experience in marine mammal research methods

-          Participate in daily boat-based research expeditions

-          Participate in data collection and data analysis (Behavioural
data, Photo-ID)

-          Learn about cetacean biology, ecology and conservation

-          Actively contribute to marine conservation in a Marine Protected

-          Experience life on a beautiful Greek Island in the largest
Marine Protected Area in Europe.

*Requirements*: No previous experience is required. All you need is an
interest in Cetacean biology, ecology and conservation and a positive

Joining one of our weekly expeditions requires a participation fee which
covers shared accommodation, two meals/day, training/lessons and part of
the operational costs of the project.

*How to Participate*:  To participate in the Northern Aegean Dolphin
Project please visit: www.northernaegeandolphinproject.com

For information on MOm please visit: www.mom.gr

For reviews of the experience by previous participants please visit our
facebook page:


Best wishes to all!

Κίμων Κοεμτζόπουλος - *Βιολόγος MSc*

*MOm/Εταιρεία Μελέτης & Προστασίας Μεσογειακής Φώκιας*

Kimon Koemtzopoulos - *Biologist MSc*

*MOm/Hellenic Society for the Study & Protection of the Monk Seal*


info at mom.gr

T:   0030 *2105222888*

M: 0030 *6937580071*
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