[MARMAM] Call for Expressions of Interest: Shaping the Next Decade of Ocean Networks Canada Research (2021-2030)

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Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) operates cabled underwater observatories in the Canadian Pacific and Arctic Oceans, and makes their data collected in near-real time publicly and freely accessible for researchers to use at https://data.oceannetworks.ca/DataSearch. Among their assets are hydrophones, hydrophone arrays, and various environmental monitoring sensors, which may be of interest to marine mammal researchers.

ONC has recently announced a "Call for Expressions of Interest" for the research community interested in ONC's ocean observing and monitoring assets in the NE Pacific, Salish Sea and the Arctic. The purpose is to seek input from the research community to formulate a new and bold science strategy for 2021-2030 that will build on successes and existing strengths, launch new leading-edge research and infrastructure, and contribute to national and international science initiatives. If you think you might be interested in using ONC data from existing deployments in your research or proposing new deployments or projects, please consider submitting your ideas through the Expression of Interest form. The form is a short (~5 to 15 minute) survey about your research or ideas.

A direct link to the Expression of Interest form is here:

The full description of the call is on ONC's website:

Expressions of Interest are due by April 10, 2020.

More details, answers to frequently asked questions, timelines for review, and various information resources to assist with compiling a response can be found at:

Future ONC support for a refreshed research portfolio could include:
*       upgraded primary subsea and cyber-infrastructure systems
*       expanded deployment of mobile, autonomous, and shore-based observing platforms
*       relocation and reconfiguration of some elements of the observing infrastructure
*       new or upgraded instruments
*       new data products and data analysis tools
*       field surveys and physical sample collections to augment/calibrate sensor measurements
*       allocation of resources for 'climate quality' observations of ocean change
*       assistance to develop research use of coastal community observatories
Please contact the relevant ONC staff scientist for further questions. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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