[MARMAM] New Publication - Comparison of fin whale 20 Hz call detections by deep-water mobile autonomous and stationary recorders

Selene Fregosi - NOAA Affiliate selene.fregosi at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 5 13:12:24 PST 2020

Dear Colleagues,

My co-authors and I are pleased to share the following publication:

Fregosi S, Harris DV, Matsumoto H, Mellinger DK, Negretti C, Moretti DJ,
Martin SW, Matsuyama B, Dugan PJ, Klinck H (2020). Comparison of fin whale
20 Hz call detections by deep-water mobile autonomous and stationary
recorders. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 142 (2): 961-977

Acoustically equipped deep-water mobile autonomous platforms can be used to
survey for marine mammals over intermediate spatiotemporal scales. Direct
comparisons to fixed recorders are necessary to evaluate these tools as
passive acoustic monitoring platforms. One glider and two drifting
deep-water floats were simultaneously deployed within a deep-water cabled
hydrophone array to quantitatively assess their survey capabilities. The
glider was able to follow a pre-defined track while float movement was
somewhat unpredictable. Fin whale (*Balaenoptera physalus*) 20 Hz pulses
were recorded by all hydrophones throughout the two-week deployment. Calls
were identified using a template detector, which performed similarly across
recorder types. The glider data contained up to 78% fewer detections per
hour due to increased low-frequency flow noise present during glider
descents. The glider performed comparably to the floats and fixed recorders
at coarser temporal scales; hourly and daily presence of detections did not
vary by recorder type. Flow noise was related to glider speed through water
and dive state. Glider speeds through water of 25 cm/s or less are
suggested to minimize flow noise and the importance of glider ballasting,
detector characterization, and normalization by effort when interpreting
glider-collected data and applying it to marine mammal density estimation
are discussed.

Please contact me at selene.fregosi at oregonstate.edu for a PDF or if you
have any additional questions.


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