[MARMAM] Seeking 'Gene-jockey' for SOPOPP Humpback Whale PhD Position

Susan Bengtson Nash s.bengtsonnash at griffith.edu.au
Thu Mar 5 01:35:18 PST 2020

Dear MARMAM Colleagues,

The Southern Ocean Persistent Organic Pollutants Program (SOPOPP) at Griffith University's Environmental Futures Research Institute, is currently seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join our team investigating the fasting physiology and toxicological sensitivity of humpback whales through ‘omic approaches.

Suitable candidates will demonstrate a background in biochemistry and competence in molecular approaches. The successful applicant will need to secure an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship /Griffith University Postgraduate Scholarship. Scholarships are merit based and applicants will need to demonstrate that they hold a 1st class honours or equivalent qualifications.

Application Details:

Interested applicants should send an expression of interest and CV to Associate Professor Susan Bengtson Nash (s.bengtsonnash at griffith.edu.au<mailto:s.bengtsonnash at griffith.edu.au>).

Associate Professor Susan Bengtson Nash

Program Director

Southern Ocean Persistent Organic Pollutants Program (SOPOPP)

SCAR: Chair of ImPACT | ARC: College of Experts | Scientific Reports: Editor

Environmental Futures Research Institute (EFRI),  Griffith University,  Nathan Campus.

170 Kessels Road, Nathan, QLD 4111, Australia.

Email: s.bengtsonnash at griffith.edu.au | Phone: +61 (0)7 3735 5062  | Mobile: +61 (0)437 888 711

Twitter: @Antarctica_POPs | Skype: s.bengtsonnash | Website: http://www.griffith.edu.au/environment-planning-architecture/southern-ocean-persistent-organic-pollutants-program


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