[MARMAM] New publication: Blowhole anomaly in pantropical spotted dolphin

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Dear MARMAM subscribers,

We are pleased to announce the new publication: "Blowhole anomaly in
pantropical spotted dolphin (Delphinidae: *Stenella attenuata*)".

Relvas CI, Moore M, Milmann L. Blowhole anomaly in pantropical spotted
dolphin (Delphinidae: *Stenella attenuata*). Mar Mam Sci. 2020;1–5.


The note documented a blowhole anomaly in a pantropical spotted
dolphin (*Stenella
attenuata*) that occurred in offshore waters of South eastern Brazil
(21°11’02.54”S, 39°54’37.74”W) at 1,539 m depths. During the observation an
adult with a very distinguished blowhole was observed and the sequence of
photos not only recorded the structure, but also the moment when the
dolphin opened the blowhole for expiration, inspiration, and closure as it
submerges again in the water. It appears that two functional blowholes are
present in the individual, with separate nasal passages and
blowhole-associated muscles that can be seen in action. The hypothesis of
an ontogenetic anomaly since fetal development should not be discarded.

The sequence of photographs showed that the individual had control over the
closure of the vestibular bag using the closing musculature while
submerging. During the sighting and confirmed by the photographs it was
apparent that the individual was an adult, suggesting that it had a healthy
life. An influence of the nasal apparatus configuration may exist for the
individual's vocalization.

We believe this is the first record of this type of anomaly in the
respiratory tract of a functional odontocete.

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*MSc. Carolina Iozzi Relvas*
Marine Mammal Observer (MMO)
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