[MARMAM] Manatee Behavior - Illustrated Guide

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It is withgreat pleasure that I, along with my co-authors, shared our book on manateebehavior.

"ManateeBehavior - Illustrated Guide"

The guidewas prepared by ICMBio, together with sirenian researchers in Brazil.

Thematerial illustrates the various behaviors of the species, using simplelanguage, with didactic illustrations on the subject, so that the reader has abetter view of the manatee's activities and a standardized interpretation ofwhat is being observed.

The"Manatee Behavior - Illustrated Guide" addresses guidelines on how todevelop research involving the behavior of Amazonian and marine manatees, fromresearch planning, choice of data collection methodologies, identification ofbehavior, interpretation and analysis of the results.

Downloadnow and learn more about these amazing animals.

Right link: https://bit.ly/36o88Ci

See thisand other publications there on our website.

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