[MARMAM] marine mammal necropsy workshop

Thierry Jauniaux t.jauniaux at ulg.ac.be
Mon Jun 15 00:28:50 PDT 2020

Please find attached details of the 14th annual necropsy workshop
This year innovation will be the organization of the workshop in 2 sessions
- July 10: on-line webinar with telenecropsy (telemedicine applied for dissection and necropsy)
- October 13-15:  face-to-face postmortem practice (Pathology dept, ULiege)

More details: https://www.fmv.uliege.be/cms/c_5775495/fr/14th-marine-mammal-necropsy-workshop <https://www.fmv.uliege.be/cms/c_5775495/fr/14th-marine-mammal-necropsy-workshop>
Information: t.jauniaux at uliege.be <mailto:t.jauniaux at uliege.be>
Registration: a.wlasowski at uliege.be <mailto:a.wlasowski at uliege.be>
Deadline: June 22

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