[MARMAM] New aerial photogrammetry toolset

KC Bierlich kevin.bierlich at duke.edu
Thu Jul 9 15:29:46 PDT 2020

We are pleased to announce the publication of two open-source software packages developed for aerial photogrammetry: MorphoMetriX and CollatriX

MorphoMetriX is a flexible photogrammetry graphical user interface (GUI) developed in PyQt5 for making efficient manual morphometric measurements of wild animals via aerial imagery. It was designed as a simple to use and accurate program for robust morphometric analysis that does not require knowledge of any scripting language for customization. The user can import an image and create custom length, area, and angle measurements, as well as measure perpendicular widths based off a length measurement (i.e., used to calculate body condition). MorphoMetriX allows the user to input flight and sensor parameters (such as altitude, focal length, pixel dimensions) so that all measurements in pixels are automatically scaled to real world values (i.e., meters). All measurements and their labels are exported into a .csv, along with an image (.png) of all the measurements that were made on the animal.

CollatriX is a graphical user interface (GUI) developed using PyQt5 to collate outputs from MorphoMetriX (Torres & Bierlich, 2020). CollatriX was designed as a user-friendly GUI that collates the measurement outputs into a single data sheet (.csv) based on the animal’s individual ID. CollatriX includes a “safety” function to correct user input errors by allowing the user to provide the correct altitude, focal length, and pixel dimension per image through a csv. Furthermore, CollatriX has two add-on functions, one to correct for altitude error from Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS or drone) flights and another for calculating different animal body condition metrics, following body volume from Christiansen et al. (2018) and body area index (BAI) from Burnett et al. (2018). The framework of CollatriX was also designed to have the flexibility to accommodate and encourage other future add-on functions.

Torres, W., & Bierlich, K. (2020). MorphoMetriX: a photogrammetric measurement GUI for morphometric analysis of megafauna. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(45), 1825. doi:10.21105/joss.01825

Available at joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.01825<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.01825__;!!OToaGQ!5UFFsGH75C9ecaoDhzubey99avP0wfE6hsUahAMKwV3UuT3JH2dBC1zopWipylOW6uBl$>

Bird, C. & Bierlich, K. (2020). CollatriX: A GUI to collate MorphoMetriX outputs. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(51), 2328. doi:10.21105/joss.02328

Available at https://joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.02328


Kevin (KC) Bierlich, MEM 2016
PhD Candidate
Duke University Marine Lab
Marine Robotics and Remote Sensing Lab<https://sites.nicholas.duke.edu/uas/>
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