[MARMAM] Fundraiser in support of the Bernd And Melany Würsig Excellence in Marine Studies Scholarships

Mithriel MacKay mithriel.mackay at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 11:18:49 PDT 2020

The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC) has set up the "Bernd
and Melany Würsig Excellence in Marine Studies" scholarship program. The
annual fundraiser for MCERC will support this resource to fund marine
mammal research combined with education programs.

Bernd and Mel have generously lent their names to this initiative after a
request by the MCERC Board of Directors to honor the decades of support and
encouragement for students and professionals of marine mammal science.

We are currently drafting plans for scholarship support in memory of our
colleague and friend, Adrian Dahood-Fritz.  Adrian shared her passion for
the organisms in the oceans in many formats and forums. We miss her greatly
and wish to add another link in the chain of memories she left with us and
the enthusiasm she inspired. This fundraiser will also support this
resource for marine mammal research and education.

We hope you will participate in the fundraiser so that MCERC can be a
long-term  extension of the support from Bernd, Mel, and Adrian in research
and education.  Please navigate to www.Marine-Eco.org for more information
and opportunities to pitch in to these MCERC scholarship initiatives. You
can learn more about the programs offered to university students and
professionals as well as citizens scientists on the Education Hub (

Thank you in advance from the faculty and staff at MCERC on behalf of the
future beneficiaries  of these scholarships.
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