[MARMAM] First Call For A New Training Course - An Introduction To Integrating QGIS/GIS And R For Spatial Analysis

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This is the first call for a brand new training course from GIS In Ecology. It's called 'An Introduction To Integrating QGIS.GIS and R For Spatial Analysis' and will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, between the 7th and 9th of April 2020. This course is aimed at those who wish to learn how to use and integrate QGIS (the leading freely available GIS software package) and R (the leading freely available data analysis software package) for spatial analysis. It will be taught by Dr. Colin D. MacLeod, the author of ‘An Introduction To Integrating QGIS And R for Spatial Analysis’ (Pictish Beast Publications) and a renowned expert in using GIS in biological and ecological research. He is also a co-author of the upcoming ‘An Introduction To Basic Statistics For Biologists Using R’, which is a practical guide to carrying out the analysis of biological data in R.  The course assumes no prior knowledge of either QGIS/GIS or R, and so is open to complete beginners as well as those how know how to use one of these software packages, and wish to learn how to integrate it with the other.

Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 16 people. The course for this three day course will cost GBP 395 per person (with a discounted rate of GBP 300 for students, the unwaged and those working for registered charities). To book a place, or for more information, visit http://gisinecology.com/an-introduction-to-integrating-qgis-gis-and-r-for-spatial-analysis/ or email info at GISinEcology.com.

GIS and statistical analysis are two of the most fundamental software tools for marine mammalogists wishing to conduct spatial analyses, which is, itself, a cornerstone for the management and conservation of marine mammal species. However, GIS and statistical analyses have their own sets of software packages, and sometimes it can be difficult to know how to integrate the two. This course will provide an introduction to the integration of QGIS (the leading freely available GIS software package) and R (the leading data analysis software packages used by biologists) to create a combined tool set that makes the most of the strengths of each of these individual software packages. It will consist of a series of background sessions on using GIS and R for spatial analysis, mixed in with practical sessions where you will learn how to use QGIS, how to use R, and how to integrate two to complete a spatial analysis project. This last part will include working through an example project, starting with creating a high quality map for publication through creating raster data layers of environmental variables, joining data together based on their spatial relationships and analysing the combined data set using R (including creating summary statistics, conducting linear regressions and conducting generalised additive modelling - GAMs). While it will primarily be based around QGIS, this course is taught using software-independent approach, and it is also open to those who wish to learn how to use ArcGIS to do biological GIS.

When you attend this course you will receive a free copy of An Introduction To Integrating QGIS And R for Spatial Analysis (GIS For Biologists Workbooks) as the practical exercises in that course are based on the ones contained in that book. NOTE: If you wish to use ArcGIS software for this course, alternative materials will be provided for the practical sessions.

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