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Dear all,

Post-doc fellowship offer in Madeira. Develop an ecosystem model for
Madeira archipelago marine environment based on Ecopath, with Ecosim (EwE)
and Ecospace valences to inform the Development process of a coordinated
approach for assessing MSFD Descriptor 4 in the Macaronesian subregion in
Project Mistic Seas III.

“MISTIC SEAS III – Developing a coordinated approach for assessing
Descriptor 4 via its linkage with D1 and other relevant descriptors in the
Macaronesian subregion”, is a project financed by the European Maritime and
Fisheries Fund (EMFF), through DG Environment (MFSD 2018 call)
(MISTICSEAS3_GA.110661/2018/794676/SUB/ENV.C2). The project aims to address
the assessment of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Descriptor
4 (Ecosystems, including food webs) at the Macaronesian sub-regional level
following the criteria set up under the new Commission good environmental
status (GES) Decision 2017/848/EC.

This scholarship is to contract a research with knowledge and solid
experience in ecosystem models based on Ecopath and using Ecosim (EwE),
namely, the compilation and organization of data, building and
operationalizing (parameterization and balancing) of the model and explore
scenarios in Ecosim relevant for the purpose of the project. It will be
given relevance to experience also in incorporating the spatial dimension
into the process through Ecospace. The applicant should have a solid
theoretical knowledge of marine ecosystems and their interactions,
especially in oceanic island associated environments. The work of the
modeller will be supported by two post-docs researchers that will assist
the modeller in data compilation, organization and processing to feed the
model and the simulations, both with possible temporal and spatial
components. The work may involve either the adaptation/improvement of an
existing Ecopath for Madeira archipelago marine ecosystem and/or the
development of a new model, in coordination with teams working in
equivalent models in the Azores and the Canary Islands.

The selected applicant will temporarily integrate the Madeira Whale Museum
team (partner of OOM - Madeira Oceanic Observatory), with experience in the
ecological study of top predators, specially cetaceans, and their
relationship with the marine environment, including, trophic relationships.

Interested applicants should visit the following link:




Ruth Esteban, PhD.
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