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Mon Jan 6 12:52:34 PST 2020

Kia ora folks,

Following the WMMC2019 conference, we've established a slack workspace to
facilitate interactions within the marine mammal genomics community outside
of conferences, especially seeing as we are spread over so many time
zones/countries, to help stay in touch and share tips, tricks, trials and
tribulations. All who work on (or are interested in) marine mammal (or
their bugs!) genomics (or genetics!) welcome, so please feel free to flick
this email on to others who might be interested (apologies to those who
have already received this email through other channels).

Slack is a bit like twitter and the old internet chatrooms from back in the
day had a baby. It is a workspace limited to those who have the link
(pasted below), so is a bit more private than twitter, but you can still do
much the same stuff in it (e.g. directly message folks if you want to start
a direct conversation with them). I've found it pretty handy for sharing
useful resources with folks in other groups, without spamming them with a
ton of emails (e.g. you can check into the slack as rarely or as often as
you like).

To join up to our slack space, you'll need to head to:

After you've signed up, to log back into the slack space in the future you
just have to head to the following URL and sign in with the email address
you signed up with: https://marinemammalgenomics.slack.com. Alternately if
you go to slack.com you can search for our workspace, which is called
'Marine Mammal Genomics Community'. There is also an app for smartphones,
but I haven't figured that one out yet, sorry :)

Once you get into the workspace, the slack is split into channels to help
group messages together (handy if you sign in only once a year and then
there are a bazillion posts to read!). At the moment we've got the
following (however I am very happy to add more if you reckon we are missing
a channel that would be useful!):
# community_engagement: Discussion related to communication and inclusion
of local communities in our research
# edna_and_adna: eDNA and aDNA (e.g. low copy number target) related chatter
# field_and_lab_techniques: Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting obtaining and
preserving samples
# functional_genomics: adaptive SNPs or candidate genes to local
environments (adaptive stuff)
# general: Any general tidbits that would be useful across all our
geneticsy fields
# hq_genomes: Chatter related to generating HQ and VGP-quality genomes
# kicking_it_oldschool: Discussion for tried and tested microsatellite and
Sanger sequencing markers
# microbiome: Microbiome and pathogen genetic analyses
# random: A place for non-work-related stuff
# rna_seq: Transcriptomics and gene expression chatter
# reduced_representation_sequencing: RADseq, GTseq, and other kinds of NGS
reduced rep sequencing
# software_and_bionformatics: A place to share and get help about software
and bioinformatics packages

I'm hoping this might be a useful way to keep in touch as a community, and
to support each other in the neat science that is going on in this space.

Ngā mihi (thanks),


Alana Alexander

*Postdoctoral Researcher*Department of Anatomy | School of Biomedical
Sciences | University of Otago
Te Tari Kikokiko | Te Kura Mātai Rongoā-Koiora | Te Whare Wānanga o Otāgo
Tel/Waea: 64 3 479 7376  Fax/Waea whakāhua: 64 3 479 7254
Mail/Wāhitau: PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand
Address/Wāhi mahi: 270 Great King Street
Dunedin 9016, New Zealand
Email/Īmēra: alana.alexander at otago.ac.nz
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